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I live in a sleepy neighborhood with an elementary school one block away. A place where you know who lives next door and you didn’t need to lock your door during the day after coming back from a morning walk until now.

Today is a different day.

Last week, I was on a midday conference call, which was interrupted by the frightening, intense sounds of a Sheriff’s helicopter swirling overhead, loudly announcing that fugitive was on the loose.

With regularity, there are reports of thugs looting the grocery store ¼ of a mile away, while moms, grandparents and children are innocently shopping. Employees are instructed to stand down and take NO action. How is this possible?

Crime is out of control in America, and soft on crime policies have made us unsafe in our own homes and neighborhoods where we’re supposed to feel most secure.

That is why I am more resolved than ever to serve you in Congress.

I am a tough, no nonsense, business executive who will put the needs of law-abiding citizens to live in safe neighborhoods as a top priority. Furthermore, victims of crime will not have a greater advocate than me.

To become your advocate, funds are URGENTLY needed to communicate with voters so I can DEFEAT liberal incumbent who has allowed crime to spike across our neighborhoods, Democrat Mike Levin!

Please help me today by sending your donation to: All my best,

Sheryl Adams

Candidate, CA-49

I am reaching out to you today on the topic of the devastating tragedy occurring in the Middle East and the impacts, right here on our soil, that could yield similar results.

Our valued friends of Israel have been forced to defend themselves against the severe tactics and actions carried out by sick, inhumane Hamas terrorists. Hamas has crossed the line of humanity with unspeakable acts of cold-blooded murder against innocent people, children and grandparents…even dogs.

The recent, incomprehensible series of events playing out on a global stage has further solidified my conviction to run for Congress in 2024.

I think we can all agree that the time has come to make changes at the top, as soon as possible. It is evident that Joe Biden, Mike Levin, and others who have allowed unrestricted access to our border and allocated resources to our known enemies like Iran, must GO! Just this week, two Iranian nationals on the terror watch list were captured at our southern, OPEN border. I cringe thinking of how many have already made it through.

That is why I am running for Congress and why I need your help. I will vote to immediately close the border and make certain that no one enters our country without knowing their background and intentions. That should be the case now but instead we are left not knowing who could be roaming our very own neighborhoods.

I am a roll-up-your-sleeves, hard-working business executive. I’m an outsider who won’t back down to special interests or the media.

I hope you agree this is EXACTLY what is needed in Washington, DC and PLEASE consider a contribution to my campaign today! All my best,

Sheryl Adams

Candidate, CA-49

Last week, I proudly announced my candidacy to run for Congress in California's 49th District, one of the most competitive Congressional districts in the Country. After spending decades of my career in the private sector, I witnessed firsthand that certain laws and regulations put in place by out-of-touch politicians and bureaucrats oftentimes hinder prosperity for Americans. Standing by the sidelines and witnessing these trends has led me to make a significant, life-changing decision to get involved in fixing it.

I am often asked why I would want to run for office. The motivation to enter the political arena stems not only from my own self-reflection but from meaningful discussions with leaders such as California Congressman Darrell Issa and other mentors. These discussions caused me to realize that Washington can benefit from a more diverse representation of voices and from someone like me with the passion to do the hard work to make things better for my fellow Americans.

Like many of you, many of my concerns are based on kitchen table and pocketbook issues like cost of living, inflation, crime, and parental control of their children’s lives. To truly get our country back on track, it needs entrepreneurs and business-minded individuals on Capitol Hill, offering conservative, commonsense economic solutions that prioritize the American voices against bureaucratic overreach.

I favor a government that fosters a free enterprise, business-friendly policies that lead to secure and satisfying livelihoods for anyone who wants to work. Working for myself as a consultant and entrepreneur, as well as for large, publicly traded companies like Hyundai, Ford, and General Motors, has taught me that in America, a person can truly be anything he or she wants to be. The sky’s the limit, and we should enable and encourage the freedom to make our dreams a reality.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed the rampant increase in crime, especially in the Democrat-led states and cities, even my own. It seems to have filtered into our daily lives, neighborhoods, and places of business. Financial losses due to these more lenient laws are staggering, and those who commit offenses must face consequences. California and other states have a reduced police presence, and the penalties that once deterred criminal activity have dwindled.

In Congress, I will fight to ensure that we reinstate and enforce these laws and their penalties for those who commit them, by supporting the Prosecutors Need to Prosecute Act. This bill would require prosecutors in Los Angeles and San Diego to publicly report crimes that go unprosecuted, and through that transparency, it will hopefully make prosecutors more likely to enforce our laws.

Ask anyone, we Americans are feeling the crushing impacts of inflation over the past several years. Consequences of excessive spending have fallen hardest on those least able to withstand the pain, especially the elderly. All Americans will benefit from cuts from reckless spending in Washington, which includes mandatory spending that does not include entitlements or the Department of Defense by one percent, and a return to onshoring products, services, and manufacturing from overseas.

Parents have enough on their plate with the rising cost of food, clothing, and utilities to have time to effectively fight the schools who seem hellbent on taking over our children’s minds and bodies. Let’s give our kids the chance to learn and expand their minds with knowledge that will allow them to have the innocence of childhood that every human deserves. Let’s leave private matters in the home with those that love our children the most, their parents.

As I see it, the stakes are too high for inaction. We must vote for change agents who are fearless and determined. As a working mom and careerwoman who spent decades challenging the status quo in the private sector, I am committed to working on the kitchen table solutions to empower all Americans to achieve their dreams.

Sheryl Adams is a Republican businesswoman from Del Mar, who has worked for Fortune 500 companies, such as GE Capital, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and Hyundai. She is running for Congress in California’s 49th Congressional District.

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