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On the Issues:

Economy & Taxes

​The Biden and Congressional Democrats’ policies for the economy have been a disaster.  The “Inflation Reduction Act” has resulted in the exact opposite.  The results of their policies have created a drastic cost of living increase that is not sustainable for the majority of Americans with Californians being especially hard hit.  Gas prices, groceries, housing costs are all burying working families.  Especially in southern California where it becomes more and more difficult to buy even the everyday essentials.

America should not be a place where only the wealthy elites can survive.


Sheryl will fight for common sense economic policies that will benefit all people.  She will vote to reduce the red-tape and burdensome regulations on small businesses so they can thrive.  

Sheryl is committed to reducing taxes for families, seniors, young adults, and small businesses. She will oppose any efforts to raise the federal gas tax and will work to simplify and reform our tax system, ensuring fairness for all individuals

Securing our Border

We must secure our border TODAY.  Waiting one more day is not acceptable.  Crime, human trafficking, fentanyl, terrorists, and the list goes on of what is seemingly overlooked by current leaders.  Sheryl will vote to close the border immediately on her first day in office.  Then she will take a leadership role in tackling comprehensive border policy that is fair first and foremost to the American people.


Law Enforcement must be supported and given all the tools necessary to do their jobs.  Liberal Democrat policies have abandoned men and women in law enforcement.  Laws that allow for early release, no cash or the lowering of some serious felonies to misdemeanors are putting everyday Americans at risk.  Reading posts about your neighbors’ car being stolen or the local drug store being looted has become commonplace and somehow no longer alarming.  That is not what America is about.​

Sheryl will work to make certain law enforcement has all the funding and tools necessary to protect our neighborhoods.  She will vote against policies that favor criminals over victims and make our neighborhoods unsafe.


Just a few years ago America was energy independent.  Today America is dependent on foreign, less clean oil and gas.  This has caused Americans to be fleeced at the gas pump, causing a ripple effect to the economy that is crushing working families.  A balanced "America First" sustainable energy policy that promotes innovation is vital to our growth as a nation. In Congress, Sheryl will prioritize the development of a balanced and sustainable national energy policy that focuses on renewable energy, domestic production, and the safe use of fossil fuels to ensure energy independence and security, maintain America's global competitiveness, and strengthen our economy.

Parental Rights

Parents are responsible for the health, well-being and safety of their children.  Liberal policies that favor schools making decisions about what is taught and whether or not a parent should receive information about their children’s health or mental wellness is unacceptable.  Sheryl will fight to make sure that parents, not schools or teacher’s unions are making the best decisions for their children.

Technology and Innovation

Drawing from my extensive experience as an accomplished IT business leader within the automotive industry, I am a firm proponent of fostering a competitive and innovative private sector as the primary catalyst for technological advancement. I wholeheartedly endorse policies and believe that we should aim to reduce government regulation and foster a favorable climate for entrepreneurship. Measures such as tax cuts, deregulation, and strategic investments in research and development (R&D) play pivotal roles in nurturing an environment where innovation can flourish.


I recognize the critical importance of nurturing a skilled workforce capable of driving forward the frontiers of innovation. I will continue to advocate for strengthening math, science, and engineering education in all schools. By prioritizing these disciplines, we can cultivate a pool of talented individuals equipped with the necessary expertise to lead technological breakthroughs and propel industries to new heights.


We can fuel the growth and success of the automotive industry and other sectors, driving technological progress and positioning our nation as a global leader in innovation. Through collaboration between the private sector, educational institutions, and government, we can create an environment that nurtures entrepreneurship, supports cutting-edge research, and empowers individuals to embrace technological advancements that will shape a prosperous future for all.

Parental Rights
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