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Businesswoman Sheryl Adams Announces Congressional Bid inCalifornia’s 49th Congressional District

Congressman Darrell Issa Endorses Adams on Her First Day as A Candidate

Del Mar, CA – After spending her career as a top business executive, today Sheryl Adams announces that she is launching her campaign for Congress in California's 49th Congressional District.

Additionally, Adams is proud to be endorsed by Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA 48), who is a businessman and has spent his life fighting for Southern California.

“Today, I am excited to announce my campaign for California’s 49th Congressional District because it’s California who needs a proven businesswoman to offer real solutions to get our country back on track,” said businesswoman Sheryl Adams. “As I look at Washington, the same career politicians from both parties have enacted policies that have resulted in record inflation, higher energy costs, and healthcare costs that continue to soar. As someone who has spent her entire career in the private sector, I will offer true economic solutions that have worked in the business world to help veterans, seniors, and middle-class families across southern California.”

“Washington needs more leaders who embody business acumen and entrepreneurialism, those who have experienced the real challenges and triumphs of the private sector, and that is why I am proud to endorse California businesswoman Sheryl Adams for our 49th Congressional District,” said Congressman Darrell Issa. “As the former representative for CA-49, I understand the importance of having a strong leader who is dedicated to serving the people. Sheryl Adams possesses these qualities: integrity, passion, and commitment to put the peoples’ voice first. With her extensive experience in business and community advocacy, Sheryl brings a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to the table. She understands the challenges facing our region and has the vision to turn those challenges into real opportunities for progress. I firmly believe that she will be a steadfast advocate for our district's interests. She is the only candidate that can beat Democrat Mike Levin, who is a rubber stamp for the left and has recklessly embraced far-left policies that are tearing at the very fabric of our district and great nation."

In the coming weeks, Adams will embark on a tour across California’s 49th Congressional District, where she will meet and listen to voters about solutions that will move our country forward. To join Team Adams supporters are encouraged to visit

Sheryl Adams is a Republican businesswoman from Del Mar, who has worked for Fortune 500 companies, such as GE Capital, Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Hyundai. She has experience serving her community as the Treasurer of the Torrey Pines Planning Board and is a proud mother to her adopted nephew, Edward. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University in Columbus Ohio and member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.

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