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Fellow American,

I am reaching out to you today on the topic of the devastating tragedy occurring in the Middle East and the impacts, right here on our soil, that could yield similar results.

Our valued friends of Israel have been forced to defend themselves against the severe tactics and actions carried out by sick, inhumane Hamas terrorists. Hamas has crossed the line of humanity with unspeakable acts of cold-blooded murder against innocent people, children and grandparents…even dogs.

The recent, incomprehensible series of events playing out on a global stage has further solidified my conviction to run for Congress in 2024.

I think we can all agree that the time has come to make changes at the top, as soon as possible. It is evident that Joe Biden, Mike Levin, and others who have allowed unrestricted access to our border and allocated resources to our known enemies like Iran, must GO! Just this week, two Iranian nationals on the terror watch list were captured at our southern, OPEN border. I cringe thinking of how many have already made it through.

That is why I am running for Congress and why I need your help. I will vote to immediately close the border and make certain that no one enters our country without knowing their background and intentions. That should be the case now but instead we are left not knowing who could be roaming our very own neighborhoods.

I am a roll-up-your-sleeves, hard-working business executive. I’m an outsider who won’t back down to special interests or the media.

I hope you agree this is EXACTLY what is needed in Washington, DC and PLEASE consider a contribution to my campaign today! All my best,

Sheryl Adams

Candidate, CA-49

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