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This happened in my backyard!

I live in a sleepy neighborhood with an elementary school one block away. A place where you know who lives next door and you didn’t need to lock your door during the day after coming back from a morning walk until now.

Today is a different day.

Last week, I was on a midday conference call, which was interrupted by the frightening, intense sounds of a Sheriff’s helicopter swirling overhead, loudly announcing that fugitive was on the loose.

With regularity, there are reports of thugs looting the grocery store ¼ of a mile away, while moms, grandparents and children are innocently shopping. Employees are instructed to stand down and take NO action. How is this possible?

Crime is out of control in America, and soft on crime policies have made us unsafe in our own homes and neighborhoods where we’re supposed to feel most secure.

That is why I am more resolved than ever to serve you in Congress.

I am a tough, no nonsense, business executive who will put the needs of law-abiding citizens to live in safe neighborhoods as a top priority. Furthermore, victims of crime will not have a greater advocate than me.

To become your advocate, funds are URGENTLY needed to communicate with voters so I can DEFEAT liberal incumbent who has allowed crime to spike across our neighborhoods, Democrat Mike Levin!

Please help me today by sending your donation to: All my best,

Sheryl Adams

Candidate, CA-49

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